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Equipping Ministry @ CEC:

The Bible says that you are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that He has prepared for you to do.  At CEC, we want to help you get mobilized to serve according to the gifts God has placed in you, and in the areas of church, family & community life that are most important to you. 


Learning about your spiritual gifts is an important way to know how you have been uniquely gifted by God to serve.


Knowing the strengths and themes in your life helps you understand how you like to serve and how you relate to people. 


If you would like to talk more, or have questions about spiritual gifts, Strengths Finder, and/or ministries at CEC, please get in touch with Pastor Karen Callis.


Click HERE to learn about current ministry opportunities!


Contact Pastor Karen Callis to obtain passcode & a Strengthsfinder book.

OR purchase your own book by clicking the above image.


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