Now serving each Wednesday @ 5PM

After much discussion with our staff and the county we have decided the most responsible choice is to continue serving our meals via the grab and go style. If you'd like to join us as we serve please follow the sign-up link at the bottom of this page. 

The Let's Eat vision:

What if the Church tried to meet needs, no matter how small? 

This is the question behind the FREE Let's Eat community dinners.

Every Wednesday, volunteers gather together to prepare a meal and serve the Corvallis community.

All are welcome and there is no charge.


We don't preach a message.

We don't try to convert those that attend.

We are simply loving people as Jesus would.

These meals are about so much more than just eating food.

Needs are met, relationships are built, and God uses each gathering in amazing ways.


  • Do you know someone that could use a meal to help supplement their weekly expenses?

  • Are you lonely and the idea of a meal and community sounds healing?

  • Can you offer your time and resources to help love our city?

Wherever you find yourself, we invite you to join us.