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Through prayer...the world changes!


Consider WHO you're dealing with when you pray:

Is there any limit to God's power or ability?

To change the world, try asking the One who created it! Do it humbly, believing He can!

Through prayer...

  • people are healed

  • insight and wisdom gained

  • grace and mercy are extravagantly dispensed

  • anxieties are calmed

  • lost things are found

  • relationships are restored

  • courses are corrected

  • light displaces darkness

  • hard hearts are melted

  • stiff necks are loosened

  • attitudes are adjusted

  • anger & frustration dissipate

  • miracles happen

  • storms are weathered

  • disasters are avoided

  • protection is provided

  • souls are rescued

  • temptations are resisted

  • truth is discovered

  • captives are set free

  • joy is experienced

  • thankfulness is generated

Contributed by Vince Schwindt

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