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PESM to Israel-2022: Join us on our Journey

Our team is preparing to leave for Israel in just a few days!

Pastor Ryan, as well as Greg and Megan Teune from CEC and 11 other pastors, students and faculty from Oregon and Washington will be heading to Israel the first two weeks of May.

Monday, May 2nd we will depart the PDX airport, fly to San Francisco then embark on a 14 hour flight to Tel Aviv, Israel.

We'll arrive in the evening on Tuesday, May 3rd, work our way through customs and COVID tests and to our first hotel in the Netanya Beach area of Tel Aviv.

For two weeks we'll be visiting various places in Israel where Jesus walked and the stories of Scripture really happened. From Caesarea by the Sea, to Nazareth and Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, our team will be able to walk the land that Jesus walked and gain a deeper and fuller understanding of the Scriptures. We will never be the same!

Please be praying for our 14 passengers as we make last minute plans for the loved ones we are leaving behind, finish packing and checking off the to-do list.

Pray that God would prepare our hearts for what He wants to show us during this pilgrimage together.

Finally, pray that all our passengers would clear all of the COVID tests and protocols required for entry into Israel and for the health and safety of our group throughout.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!



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