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be devoted

Pause (Fast) & Pray 

2022 Prayer & Fasting @ CEC

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  (Colossians 4:2)

7 - 12 - 7

Commit yourself to pray at 

7 AM - 12 noon - 7 PM

Zoom Prayer

M-F (7-7:30 pm)

Ways to Pause:

  • pause a meal or daily food item or drink

  • pause social media or tv show

  • get some sleep!

  • pause radio/podcast while driving, walking, running. Allow some silence

Ways to Pray:

  • journal your prayers.

  • keep a thankful list during the week.

  • pray with someone else - in person or by phone.

Daily Prayer Prompts

Sunday:  the lost and the church

Monday: schools, students, teachers, administrators, classified workers

Tuesday: those who are houseless, unemployed or who are managing mental illness

Wednesday: kids in foster care, the unborn, and those in unhealthy home environments

Thursday: racial justice and reconciliation in our churches, communities and nation

Friday: seniors, shut-ins, and those affected by COVID-19

Saturday: civic leaders at local, county, state and federal levels

Sunday: those who are incarcerated, struggling with addiction.