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JULY 18-20       9-11:30 AM

Ways you can help:

Head coach:

Run drills or activities for designated sports sessions - Everything will be provided - drills, ideas, equipment, etc.

Huddle coach:

Enjoys building relationships with kids - Help groups of 5-8 kids participate in sporting activities. Assists the head coach during the sports sessions, and leads discussion times with stories to go along with the theme

Rally coach:

Enjoys working with kids and being in front of large groups - presents (or assigns a presenter) for the sports stories and Bible stories for opening, halftime and closing rallies

Music coach:

Enjoys singing in front of large groups and moving to music, learns the worship songs and actions, coordinates helpers for leading worship, help the kids learn the words and actions to the worship songs

Snack coach:

Develops a daily snack plan, helps serve the daily snacks, ensures water is available at the sports sessions.

Registration coach:

Enjoys kids and is skilled in organization and record keeping, assists with registration and check-in each day (training is provided)

Other opportunities:
Some other ways to participate...

  • Safety coach: has medical training or knowledge of first aid, available to tend wounds, illness, or injuries if needed, completes injury reports during camp

  • Prayer coach: enjoys praying and leading others to pray - prays regularly for Mega Sports camp kids & coaches, gathers a prayer team to pray for VBS

  • Media coach: enjoys taking photos and videos to be shared on social media, or presentation at church


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