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Fire Weather Emergency Shelter

Dear Church family,


The county has asked for our help today. With the air quality being so poor it is possible that some of the homeless in our community could suffer serious illness. The county has asked if we would be willing to open our building as a shelter until the air quality improves. We have said YES! The county has said they can help staff the space but we aren’t sure what that looks like and know that we would like CEC folks to participate. So……..

Can you help?

Here are the things we know we currently need

  1. Volunteers to prep our space ASAP

    1. Clearing out the sanctuary and fellowship hall

    2. Marking spots on the floor to designate beds space

    3. Posting signage so folks know where they can and cannot access

  2. Volunteers to STAFF THE SPACE (I’m thinking it will be at least today through mid afternoon Friday)

    1. Time slots needed – I’d love to have 2 people per time slot

      1. 6PM – 12AM

      2. 12AM – 6AM

      3. 6AM – 12PM

      4. 12PM – 6PM starting 

  3. Volunteers willing to cook breakfast for our guests

    1. Not sure how many folks we will have but our max capacity is 30

  4. Multi Purpose

    1. Other things are bound to pop up so if you are willing to be available on an as needed basis that would be great.



If you are able to help with setup PLEASE HEAD TO THE BUILDING NOW. We are here and getting things ready.


FYI all current health standards will apply:

  • Masks required

  • Keep 6 ft of distance

  • Wash hands regularly

  • Etc


We have a chance to Love God, Love People and Serve Both…Let’s get on it!!!


Questions – Call Pastor Garrett 971-227-2734



CEC Leadership


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